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Storts Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Frank Storts, D.C., C.C.S.P.

11234 Whittier Blvd.,
Whittier,, CA 90606



Restoring Health...Naturally!




I first came to Dr. Storts, through a friend, just over 2 years ago during one of my monthly episodes of severe chest congestion as a result of a compromised immune system.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer in 2008 and went in to remission in February 2009. Due to the chemo treatments my immune system was severely compromised.  As a result, when my sinuses or allergies flare up, it quickly goes into my lungs and severe chest congestion results which causes me to be out from work for several days a month. 

My friend suggested I try Nutrition Responce Testing (NRT) that Dr. Storts uses to identify problem areas and suggest the necessary whole food supplements to resolve the problem.  At first I was skeptical but after two years fraught with severe chest congestion and many missed days from work, I figured I didn't have anything to lose. The process itself was unfamiliar and at first I thought I was being "punk'd.  I couldn't believe something so simple could identify and resolve the problems I had been having to 2 year straight.  I had just assumed I would be dealing with this for the rest of my life.  The NRT identified numerous issures going on in my body that were contributing to my health problems. Rather than overload me with all of those supplements that were showing up, we started out slowly working on the highest priority issues.  I started out with 5 different supplements.  I immediately started to feel better and quickly returned to work.

After a few visits I made the decision to stop coming for the NRT monthly updates and just purchased the supplelments because I felt so much better. I did this for a few months until I again became really sick.  I returned to Dr. Storts for an updated NRT test. He determined that I no longer needed all of the supplelments I was taking as I was getting better and switched my supplements to handle my latest issue.  The supplements were making me better so I needed to take less.  I realized, like with any medical treatment, I needed to continue my monthly NRT updates to remain healthy.  As I did that, my health improved and I had only about 1 flare up a year instead of 12 and didn't have to miss work nearly as ofter.  In addition, the amount supplements and the dosage reduced as time went on and my medical issues resolved.  I am now only taking 1 regular supplement for my allergies and the dosage is now cut in half.  I feel better than I have felt in years and I know it is all due to Dr. Storts and the NRT process.

Recently, I had inflammation in my liver at an oncology visit.  I explained the situation to Dr. Storts and the NRT revealed I needed some supplements that deal with inflammation.  I took them for one month and when I returned to the oncologist my liver counts had reduced significantly and my oncologist was no longer concerned. I am confident that this process is beneficial and I strongly encourage anyone to try it even if they don't have any symptoms.  You will be surprised at what the NRT picks up and how wonderful you feel after resolving those unknown concerns.  It is important to be aware of potential health problems before they become out of hand.  Dr. Storts can identify these issues with the use of NRT.  He is professional, caring and compassionate and his front office staff (Roxanne) exhibits the same demeanor to all of their clients.  It is a blessing for me to have found Dr. Storts.

S.C. Lopez


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